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Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the past 10 months. You have been a wonderfu listening ear throughout my journey and have shown me so much kindness and compassion. You have calmed me down when I needed it most and helped me to believe in my body again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
KD, Downton
Highly recommend Jo! Safe, knowledgeable, reassuring and so effective!
LV, Fordingbridge
I recommend Jo Phillips. I am enjoying treatments with her and getting great benefits - more energy, purpose, better skin and more!
RO, Ringwood
Jo is a fabulous acupuncturist and really caring.
JL, Alderholt
I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done to help my daughter. You have transformed her life and given her a life again. Thank you so much.
AW, Fordingbridge 
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After suffering for over 4 years I decided to give acupuncture a go - a decision which I am incredibly glad I made!
Jo is an amazing practitioner, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the first meeting and has been a huge support.
Thank you Jo for helping make my dreams come true 
PR, West Berkshire
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In my sessions with Jo I have found her to have a knowledge and a wisdom of acupuncture that are well beyond her years and experience.  She was not phased by my situation in any way--in fact the opposite.  She delved in with a compassion and professionalism that served to put me at ease, and provided a confidence that I have seldom come across in any healthcare field, whether mainstream or alternative.
BE, West Berkshire
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Jo is a fantastic practitioner. I am now a total convert and would recommend Jo to everyone.
NB, Reading

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 I was quite sceptical about acupuncture, my Wife has been doing this for years, and she convinced me to have a go. So upon my first visit, Jo asked about the health issues I was experiencing, and the history. She was very understanding, and explained what acupuncture can do for me. So, what of that first needle - like most people, I don't like needles being stuck into me - but, these are very small, alot finer than a normal injection needle. You hardly notice it go through your outer skin, then Jo gently rocks the needle from side to side, until it gets to the right point - so to speak! Several needles were used, at specific locations on the body.
My experience has been a very positive one, and if you have been experiencing some health issues like mine, I would highly recommend giving it a go, not just one session though, commit to three or four - and reach your own conclusions. Jo has been brilliant and it has made a big difference to me, so thank you Jo.

BB, West Berkshire
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The acupuncture I have had with Jo so far as been life changing....thank you Jo.
SB, West Berkshire

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Nothing is ever too much trouble and that is a great gift
JG, Reading
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