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Ami by Je Joue

Ami by Je Joue


Ami by Je Joue

Kegel exercises, named after the American gynaecologist who invented them, work to tone the pelvic floor which can become weakened by pregnancy and as we advance through life. By strengthening these pelvic floor muscles we ensure both greater urinary control and the added bonus of an improved sex life. Using Kegel Balls to increase resistance speeds up the process and ensures stronger muscles, just like going to the gym!

Kegel balls can be used pre and post pregnancy to prepare for delivery and to speed up recovery post delivery, ensuring urinary continence and more sensitivity both for yourself and your partner during sex.

Kegel balls can be used around the time of menopause to strengthen the pelvic floor, promoting urinary continence, and stimulating the production of natural lubrication and maintaining natural sexual responses.

Designed by luxury toy brand Je Joue, these Kegel balls come in 3 sizes to progress with your increased strength. Ami 1 is a single ball, Ami 2 is a heavier double ball, and Ami 3 is a smaller and even heavier double ball for more advanced users. Made from luxuriously soft 100% FDA approved silicon, each ball contains a smaller ball which moves with the body creating extra stimulation for the muscles to act upon. Insertion and removal is made easy with the flexible silicon cord, although the use of a lubricant is recommended.

These luxury Ami balls help you to prepare now for a lifetime of more satisfying sex, and a healthier body.

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