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Floradix liquid iron supplement contains vitamins, herbal extracts and fruit concentrates, and is rich in organic iron making it gentle and non-constipating.

Floradix is a nutritious food supplement , which as well as being abundant in organic iron, also provides selected herbs, fruits, B-vitamins, rosehips, cultured yeast and ocean kelp. For those with yeast sensitivity, a yeast-free Floradix is available.

Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron in the body, and Floradix provides this in abundance via fruit and herb extracts, making the iron in Floradix bio-available even to those with a weakened system.

In Chinese Medicine Floradix can be used to help correct 'Blood deficiency'. Blood deficiency is  common in Western society with symptoms including anxiety, tiredness, palpitations, scanty periods and a pale tongue. Your practitioner will be able to discuss with you how acupuncture and Floradix can help to strengthen your 'blood' and alleviate symptoms.

Floradix is highly recommended for women before, during and after pregnancy, and for strengthening and balancing both men and women during more challenging periods of their lives. Floadix can be taken with Marvellous Superfood for a real energy boost.

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